Why Choose archerETF Versus Another Investment Manager?

We firmly believe that our independence, experience and the emphasis placed on tailored solutions implemented using our “Global Tactical” investment approach is a true benefit to our clients. Most importantly, it is the combination of these benefits that build capital wealth for archerETF clients.


To have a successful investment management relationship it must be based on trust between the Investor and Portfolio Manager. Trust is built over time based on the values of fairness, transparency and integrity between archerETF and our clients. A key element of building trust is delivering on our commitment and ultimately exceeding our client’s expectations. We strongly believe that by being independent, we can provide clients with unbiased investment management and broader wealth management expertise without the influences that burden integrated financial institutions. To that end, we are personally invested in the same strategies and investments that our clients are invested in. By remaining independent we are acting first and foremost in the best interest of our clients in delivering the benefits they expect.


In volatile markets it takes highly qualified and experienced investment professionals to be able to deliver superior investment returns. Our team has been built around this model of experience and each team member has an average of 30 years experience in the investment industry. We value our client relationships and have committed to providing the very best client service and experienced portfolio management. In this way our clients have experience and expertise working directly for them.

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Global Tactical Investment Process

We have developed a proprietary quantitative investment process that measures market risk and aids in our strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions. Our investment process considers many factors, including macro-economic; the demand for speculative capital as measured by the yield curve; and country and commodity specific quantitative data.

We utilize Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) to implement our global solutions which consist of a strategic “core” allocation to broad North American and Emerging Markets equity and fixed income ETFs. The core allocation is enhanced by our “tactical” investments in higher risk/higher return opportunities such as Brazil, Russia, India and China as well as specific commodity exposure such as Gold and precious metals. Our strict adherence to this process is the key to building capital wealth for our clients.

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Building Capital Wealth

Our entire focus at archerETF is to provide tailored solutions based on quality portfolio management that preserves capital, and earns superior returns for our clients on a long term basis. To achieve superior performance, we carefully balance risk and reward in our search for quality equity and fixed income investments. In consistently applying our “Global Tactical” investment process we are able to provide clients with the portfolio required to drive results and ultimately build capital wealth.

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