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archerETF Portfolio Management (“archerETF”) is a boutique investment manager that offers tailored global tactical investment solutions for High Net Worth investors, Foundations, Estates and Trusts utilizing its proprietary quantitative Investment Process. Our tailored solutions can take many forms, but within the context of your portfolio, we strive to construct an investment strategy that delivers superior returns and meets your objectives.

Today, the range of investment opportunities is almost limitless. Investors can invest globally and in select asset classes. As the opportunities have grown so the complexity as well as the sheer volume of information. Our role, at archerETF, is to help you take advantage of the opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls.

The Benefit of Global Diversification

The old Buy-and-Hold strategy
does not work when
investing in high-growth,
high-volatility global

With the maturation of the North American equity markets over the last fifty years, we have experienced a slowing of the economic growth rates of many Western economies and, in turn, a decline in the return from these equity markets. There are still significant investment opportunities in Western markets but it is fairly safe to say that the typical returns of these markets is not as great as may be found elsewhere around the globe.

Where does one look for growth? The answer is: look for steady, less volatile returns closer to home particularly in Canada and the United States and turn to emerging economies such as China and India for higher growth opportunities. These economies while offering the potential for higher returns can also be more volatile and thus have to be closely monitored and managed as well as being properly diversified to balance risk with portfolio return.

The following chart ranks the annual equity market returns of various countries around the globe. As you can see, performance in these countries varies greatly from year to year and thus a simple “buy and hold” strategy is not likely to be an effective means of outperforming.

How Can Investors Adapt Quickly to a Changing Global Investment Landscape?

For North American investors, investing directly in markets such as India, China or Latin America is challenging. The availability of information, language and varied accounting standards can make investing in these countries more challenging. In addition, investing in a single company in these countries brings unwanted company-specific risk. See the section titled, “Not all ETFs are Created Equal” for details of our ETF screening process.

The Rise of Exchange Trade Funds = Part of a Global Portfolio Solution

The number, size and variety of ETFs have grown ten-fold in the last decade. Canadians have over a thousand ETFs that they can readily invest in for efficient, low-cost access to practically every market or commodity. This global exposure represents an opportunity that has never before been easily available.

With ETFs, individual investors can invest as large, sophisticated institutions have for years: in portfolios diversified across countries and asset classes providing solid returns over various market cycles. These are portfolios that are rebalanced regularly to take advantage of the best opportunities and to protect against excessive market risk.

Designing and managing such a portfolio takes experience, knowledge, research and time only a trained investment professional, a portfolio manager, can provide. And that is what archerETF offers to its clients.

archerETF…A Global Perspective…A Global Tactical Investment Solution

At archerETF, we have developed a proprietary quantitative investment process that measures market risk and aids in our strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions. Our investment process considers many factors, including macro-economic; the demand for speculative capital as measured by the yield curve; and country and commodity specific quantitative data.

Global markets are an integral part of our asset allocation process – not an afterthought. We apply our investment process across global asset classes and select those assets that offer the most opportunity for the least risk. We also set maximum risk levels for any individual security and we diversify across asset classes.

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