Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding archerETFs investment solution and services.

  • What does archerETF do?

    If you’ve heard of ETFs or Exchange-traded funds, then you know that many investors have embraced them as an efficient investment vehicle. ETFs combine the best of mutual funds and stocks. Like a fund, an ETF is a diversified “basket” containing many stocks or bonds. Like a stock, ETFs are easy to trade and inexpensive to hold.

    We invest our clients in a global portfolio of ETFs that we select and actively manage based on our clients’ needs and preferences.

    We make changes to each client’s portfolio as we see opportunity to either enhance return or reduce near-term risk or both.

    We invest our portfolios globally to quickly take advantage of trends and opportunities we see in the global equity and fixed-income markets.

  • What does portfolio management cost?

    Our portfolio management fee is 1.25% per year on portfolios of up to $1,000,000 and declines for larger amounts. For example, on a portfolio of $2 million, the fee is 1.19% per year. Our fees are tax-deductible outside registered accounts.

  • How will my money be invested?

    We invest our clients’ portfolios in ETFs (Exchange-traded funds) selected for quality and low cost and covering several investment categories, including:

    • Stocks of major companies in markets like Canada, the US and Europe
    • Stocks of major companies in emerging markets like Brazil, Korea and China
    • High-quality bonds issued by governments and major corporations
    • Commodities such as gold, crude oil and metals

    ETFs combine the best of mutual funds and stocks. They’re diversified like a mutual fund. They are easy to trade and inexpensive to hold like a stock.

  • How do you decide what to buy and sell?

    We continuously monitor global economic factors, various leading indicators and market conditions seeking investments that offer good opportunity with low risk. For example, in March 2010, we selected the East Asian emerging markets because of strong economic growth and stable national finances.

  • Who is the Portfolio Manager?

    The lead Portfolio Manager of the archerETF portfolios is Wayne Wiggins, Vice President, with the active support of senior Bellwether professionals including President and CEO, Bob Sewell and Craig Ellis, Vice President.

    Wayne Wiggins, CFA, has more than 25 years of experience in the investment industry.  Prior to joining archerETF parent company, Bellwether Investment Management Inc., he was Head of HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) Private Client investment business and a member of the Board of HSBC Trust Company (Canada).

    Bob Sewell, CFA, CMA, CFP, is President and CEO of archerETF’s parent firm, Bellwether Investment Management. Bob has over 20 years of experience in the discretionary investment management and brokerage profession. Prior to founding Bellwether, he led TD Waterhouse’s private wealth management division. Under Bob’s leadership, the division nearly doubled assets under management to $15 billion.


  • Who is your firm registered with?

    archerETF Portfolio Management is a division of Bellwether Investment Management, an Ontario firm registered as a “Discretionary Portfolio Manager” with the Ontario Securities Commission.

  • Is my money guaranteed against bankruptcy?

    All archerETF portfolios are held with by a third party custodian. Our primary custodian is National Bank Correspondent Network Inc. (NBCN Inc.), a division of the National Bank. If National Bank was to become bankrupt, your money is guaranteed up to $2 million ($1 million each for registered and non-registered accounts) by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). CIPF does not insure against a drop in the value of your assets.

  • How safe is my money with archerETF?

    Your money is as safe as it is in your bank account because your money is held by a third party custodian. Our primary custodian is National Bank Correspondent Network Inc. (NBCN Inc.), a division of the National Bank. We have no access to the funds held with by NBCN other than to invest them on your behalf. In addition, clients receive a monthly account statement directly from NBCN and a quarterly portfolio statement from archerETF.

  • Can I get my money back whenever I want?

    Yes. Withdrawals – electronic transfers or by cheque – take a couple days. Account closing and in-kind transfers can take a few weeks.

  • Do you have a charitable gift program?

    Yes, we’ll match clients’ donations to either the United Way or the Red Cross by up to 5% of their management fee. We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by either charity. We simply like what they do. We’ll also make a donation to a client’s charity-of-choice for any successful referrals. Please ask for more details.

  • Can I monitor my portfolio on-line?

    Yes via NBCN’s on-line banking platform.

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