Bellwether Investment Management Continues their multi-boutique growth strategy with the addition of archerETF as a new division

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Oakville, Ontario, June 9, 2010 – Bellwether Investment Management Inc., Canada’s first “multi-boutique” investment manager dedicated to providing tailored solutions to High Net Worth families is pleased to announce the addition of archerETF.

archerETF is led by Vikash Jain, a registered portfolio manager who uses a proprietary tactical asset allocation model to determine a client’s asset mix which is then implemented using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Bob Sewell, President and CEO of Bellwether stated, “We are very happy to add archerETF to our boutique investment management offering. archerETF’s distinctly different approach to investment management will be a terrific complement to Bellwether’s products and services.”

Effective upon completion of the transition, archerETF will become a division of Bellwether Investment Management. archerETF will be able to leverage the scale of the Bellwether platform and its portfolio management team, a key benefit of our multi-boutique strategy.

Vikash Jain, President of archerETF said, “We are excited about joining the Bellwether team and believe that Bellwether’s multi-boutique strategy is ideally suited to serving our clients and allowing us to focus our energy on growing the archerETF brand.”

Bob Sewell added, “Vikash has established himself as an expert in the fast growing ETF space in Canada and is often sought out by the media to comment on recent market events and the ETF marketplace”. Mr. Jain also has a large following of his investment blog on the archerETF website,

Bellwether is focused on building a broad base of boutique investment managers that share our belief that High Net Worth families need and deserve tailored investment solutions instead of the typical “cookie cutter” investment products. With Bellwether, these like-minded managers can focus their time and energy on serving their clients and managing their core investment strategies with the comfort of knowing that administrative and compliance responsibilities are being effectively managed.

Mr. Jain, added, “The regulatory responsibilities of a discretionary portfolio manager are significant and growing. These demands are important to protect investors but take time away from our delivery of tailored solutions to our clients. Bellwether’s strategy allows us to remain focused on our clients and ensures that all regulatory requirements are met.”

A word about the multi-boutique strategy, although extensively used in the United States this strategy has not been widely adopted in Canada.

The multi-boutique strategy has two key components:

  • A common infrastructure of investment custody, trading, compliance, risk management and finance that allows boutique investment managers to focus on their core expertise while consolidating “back office/administrative” functions; and
  • Provides individual boutiques with the ability to utilize the expertise of sister boutiques to provide a more robust investment solution to their clients.

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