About archerETF

archerETF is dedicated to serving the distinct needs of high net worth individuals, foundations, estates, trusts and non-profit corporations.

Our investment philosophy is simple: Invest in high quality, compelling exchange traded funds (ETFs) that have been fully researched by our team to provide an efficient, inexpensive means to access all the advantages of global opportunities while effectively managing the risks.

We’re committed to providing bespoke wealth management solutions

archerETF joined with Bellwether Investment Management in 2010. Bellwether had been founded one year earlier by former head of TD Waterhouse’s discretionary investment management division, Bob Sewell, who was joined in 2011 by the co-founder of Investment Planning Counsel, Steve Meehan. archerETF’s focus on global ETFs makes us a valuable complement to Bellwether’s North American-focused disciplined dividend approach.

archerETF shares Bellwether’s core values of transparency, integrity, accountability and team. We’re committed to providing tailored investment management solutions, not off-the-rack products, and we’re held to the highest ethical standards in the industry.


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