About archerETF

archerETF Portfolio Management is a boutique investment manager that offers tailored global tactical investment solutions for High Net Worth investors, Foundations, Estates and Trusts using its proprietary quantitative Investment Process. archerETF is a division of Bellwether Investment Management Inc.

archerETF provides discretionary investment management focused on global investment opportunities and is dedicated to serving the distinct needs of High Net Worth individuals, Foundations, Estates and Trusts.

We use Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) to implement our global solutions that consist of a strategic “core” allocation to broad North American and Emerging Markets equity and fixed income ETFs. The core allocation is enhanced by our “tactical” investments in higher risk/higher return opportunities such as Brazil, Russia, India and China as well as specific commodity exposure such as gold and other commodities.

Collectively, our portfolio
management team has over
100 years experience in
successfully managing money.

Collectively, the portfolio management team have over 100 years of experience in successfully managing money. Our investment knowledge and disciplined approach to investing results in effective risk management and superior results for our clients.

archerETF only invests in high quality, compelling opportunities utilizing only a select group of ETFs that have been fully researched by our team. See the section titled, “Not all ETFs are Created Equal” for details of our ETF screening process.

archerETF’s investment philosophy is simple; ETFs provide an efficient, inexpensive means of investing in a wide range of investment opportunities and that by applying our tactical decision making within client portfolios we can effectively manage risk and take advantage of global investment opportunities.

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