Values & Principles

archerETF Portfolio Management (“archerETF”) is a boutique investment manager that offers tailored global tactical investment solutions for High Net Worth investors, Foundations, Estates and Trusts utilizing its proprietary quantitative Investment Process. archerETF is a division of Bellwether Investment Management Inc.

…we strongly believe that
High Net Worth investors are
often poorly served due to a
“one size fits all” philosophy
that dominates the investment

It is our experience that as an investor’s wealth increases so does the complexity of their financial affairs. Often this complexity can represent an opportunity but it can also be confusing. Thus it is important to have experienced investment professionals who can help ensure the investor’s objectives are met. Frequently, this requires the coordination of several specialties such as legal, accounting, banking, insurance and investments.

We believe that a key differentiator of archerETF is our orientation to finding the right solutions for each of our clients. To do this effectively you must have the right process to gain a clear understanding of a client’s needs; an extensive knowledge of the issues facing High Net Worth investors and the dedication to find, develop and construct the right solutions. The principles that guide archerETF are:

  • To tailor our service to meet complex client objectives;
  • To deliver solutions that are designed specifically for each client;
  • To provide distinct, high quality investment solutions with the goal to achieve superior returns; and
  • To manage risk effectively and deliver investment returns that help our clients achieve their long term objectives.

There are 5 critical factors that help us fulfill this commitment:

  1. Tailored Solutions

    • In order to meet a client’s long term objectives we need to start by gaining a clear understanding of their current financial position and objectives
    • With that understanding, we can then explore opportunities that will enhance the client’s financial situation and improve the likelihood of achieving their objectives.
    • Only then can we construct a portfolio that is tailored to the client’s needs combining the extensive range of solutions that we have to offer.
    • Finally, we offer solutions that are distinct from many of our competitors and we remain committed to continuing to develop unique opportunities for our clients.
  2. A Disciplined Investment Process

    • In our experience, the best investment managers in the world have a clearly articulated, “tried and true” investment process.
    • Our fundamental belief is that a portfolio consisting of a combination of “core” investments in North American and Emerging Markets’ exchange traded funds (“ETFs”) and nimble, “tactical” investments in specific country and commodity ETFs will minimize risk and maximize global investment opportunities.
    • We are committed to the archerETF Global Tactical investment process in making our investment decisions.
    • We focus on a select group of ETFs that meet our stringent investment criteria. We believe that not all ETFs are created equal and thus it is critical that we fully understand characteristics such as an ETFs: underlying investments; use of futures or leverage; fees; turnover; trading volume and its fidelity to its defined mandate
    • We are focused on preserving capital through effective risk management
    • Learn more about archerETF’s Global Tactical investment process

  3. Distinctly Personal Service

    • Our size gives us the flexibility to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We limit the number of clients our Portfolio Managers are permitted to manage.
    • Two Portfolio Managers are directly involved in the day to day management of each client’s portfolio ensuring that one of your PMs is always available to answer your questions.
    • We ensure that our clients are well informed regarding our perspective on the markets; the strategies that we are implementing and the activity in their portfolio.
  4. Transparency

    • We offer direct access to the decision makers managing your portfolio. All of our Portfolio Managers (PMs) are members of our investment committee.
    • We value the trust you have placed in archerETF and understand the importance of preserving your hard earned money while producing a reasonable return. To that end, we are personally invested in the same strategies and investments that your portfolio is invested in.
    • Our independence allows us to deliver unbiased investment management and wealth management expertise without the influences that burden integrated financial institutions.
    • Our fee structure is simple and transparent. Our only compensation is for managing your portfolio.
  5. People

    • We are an independent, boutique investment management company as we feel this independence and size is necessary to deliver on our promise of tailored investment solutions.
    • archerETF looks to hire experienced, well educated personnel that believe in our tailored solutions approach and our Global Tactical investment focus. This will ensure that our unique market position is continually enhanced.

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